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Barbie Probably Never Acted Like This

I just got back from a girl’s trip to St. Pete Florida. I love that place! Wonderful beach, friendly people, sunny weather, and great food are all within walking distance (and for me, that’s about a mile). 

5 broads at the grocery store, stocking the condo
5 broads at the grocery store, stocking the condo
We flew Allegiant Air out of Knoxville. Allegiant is a low cost airline that I highly recommend. They fly direct from Knoxville to St. Pete, and total round trip was $160. Woohoo!

We found our condo on http://www.vrbo.com. It was a great deal for a 3 bedroom, so off 5 of us broads went to enjoy a long weekend away. 

I sat on the plane with my pal Mary Fran, who 99 out of 100 people would say is nicer than me. Ok, all 100 would probably say that. 

Poor Mary Fran was a little embarrassed by my actions. 

Let me back up. I cannot stand rudeness. I’m a rule follower. And nothing will flare my temper faster than some nitwit being rude. 

So back to the plane. We took off on time, there was plenty of room for our carry-ons, and my large rump fit nicely in its seat. The issue came at the end. 

When we pulled up to the gate. I expected that everyone would exit in an orderly fashion from front to back, with people letting the rows in front of them leave first. 


Not even close to what happened. People from the back of the plane came pushing up to the front like there was free ice cream at the end. Really?? We are on a plane people! Getting off takes as long as it takes.

People from the back crammed the aisle beside me with no regard to the fact they should have waited their turn. 

And that really frosted my cake. 

The next few minutes went something like this: 

Me: Can you believe these people are pushing their way to the front? So rude!

Mary Fran: It’s alright. We are not in a hurry. 

Me: That’s not the point! Why can’t they wait their turn? So rude! 

Mary Fran: SHHHH!

Me: Humph. Grrr. 

Mary Fran: Susan! I wouldn’t….You don’t need to…. Oh, Lord.

At that point the mob of aisle standers had parted just enough for me to stick one of my bodacious legs out into the aisle. Because not onemorepersonwasgoingtogetinfrontofme!!!!

Not wanting to get butt swiped, the man behind me shifted slightly so I could stand in the aisle. One lady a few rows behind me announced loudly to let her go to the front because she didn’t have a carry on. Again I ask REALLY? What does that matter!?

Mary Fran just lowered her head and pretended she didn’t know me. 

It may have been pandemonium and pushing and shoving the first 18 rows of the plane, but I made certain nobody else got past Row 19. 

I calmly got my carry on, pulled down Mary Fran’s carry on, and let everyone who had been blocked into their seats by the Rude People out into the aisle to exit. 

If my mother had been with us, she would have said I get this behavior from my father, not from her. 

Mary Fran caught up to me in the airport and said several people had commented about me holding them up. I thought that was delightfully hilarious.

Just for fun, here are some rules for plane travel:

#1: wait your turn to deplane by rows from front to back (I’m beating a dead horse here at this point)

#2: don’t stink

#3: don’t vomit on your seatmates (it has happened)

#4: don’t be loud (I break this occasionally, but I try hard not to)

#5: treat the flight attendants with respect. 

I am happy to say that was the only irritating portion of the trip. Well except for our refrigerator in the condo died, but that’s another story. My fabulous friends were fun and the weather was beautiful. 

We had a van pick us up and drive us the 30 minutes to St. Pete Beach. Our condo was roomy and located 2 blocks off the beach. 

Lot’s of good places to eat there. Our fave was Snapper’s. We spent our days walking on the beach, lounging around the pool, and drinking coffee on our patio. And of course, gossiping and laughing.
If you ever get a chance to go, do it!

Here are some pictures:


One of the many places to eat right on the beach.
One of the many places to eat right on the beach.
Nothing makes me relax like a swaying palm tree.
Nothing makes me relax like a swaying palm tree.
Mary Fran, Susan, Ronni, Shannon, and Kelly.
Mary Fran, Susan, Ronni, Shannon, and Kelly.


One response to “Barbie Probably Never Acted Like This”

  1. Erma Bombeck was one of my favorite writers and you have her same style of wit. Great read and I look forward to more commentary from bigchickchat!

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