The Big Chick On….Friends

So, I have been thinking about relationships lately, and decided to expound my opinions. I may not be right about what I think, but I hope you will read them and come to your own conclusions.


Good solid friends are pretty close to the most important part of your life, especially if you are an only child and single (yes, I’m talking about myself AGAIN).

Friends are meant to be enjoyed, so I try to share laughs with them on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s with them and sometimes it’s AT them. Potato, potawto. A laugh is a laugh. Enjoying each other and making memories are the foundations of friendship that hold up the bad times.

How many should you have? Well, I’ve changed my thinking on that over the years. I once thought you couldn’t really have more than a few really tight friends. Now, though, I understand different friends fill different roles in a person’s life. I believe you can have as many as can stand you.

Give the benefit of the doubt.

If a friend says something that could be an insult, smile and take it as a compliment. One time I was at a party all dolled up, and a friend said: “Oh my God, look how good you look!” Was it really that unbelievable? I tried taking it as a compliment, because I know (or hope) she was just trying to drive home how great I looked and just chose the wrong words. None of us choose the right words all the time.

Patience can be limited on this. If someone does this to you repeatedly, you may want to re-think their position in your universe. And if you decide she is doing it on purpose, feel free to talk about her behind her back. The heifer has earned it.


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