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Color the World ORANGE!

New orange look (ignore the dog toy under the sofa)
New orange look (ignore the dog toy under the sofa)

I love bright colors, and it shows in my decorating style. I have a little rancher, and my love for bright tones shows all the way through. 

My kitchen is turquoise (chosen after a trip to Aruba-the sea was a beautiful aqua. 2 weeks later, my walls were, too) My bathroom is red, my office is green. 

My living room was lacking.

I had used navy, maroon, and beige in my living room, and decided that just wasn’t cutting it. 

I thought about changing the decor for a year or so and couldn’t decide how I wanted to proceed. At first, I thought I would paint the walls yellow. I love pale yellow. However, my old condo was painted yellow, so I decided to go with something more original. 

Is orange bright enough for me?? 

Now, I didn’t know how much orange to really use. I didn’t want people to walk into my living room and feel like they were entering a pumpkin’s intestines. I looked at tons of pictures on pinterest and took to the internet to find some guidance. I found an article that recommended using the bright color on 10% of the decor. 

So that’s what I did. 

At first, I was going to paint one of my walls orange, for an accent look. I decided to go with orange curtains instead. 

I think of curtains as a window’s earrings, and you know by now how I feel about earrings.  I ordered solid orange curtains on eBay, and waited impatiently for them to arrive.

What a difference! I had maroon curtains, and when I ripped those puppies down and replace them with orange ones, it instantly ‘facelifted’ the room. 

I loved it immediately! Here’s are before and after pictures. 

Old maroon curtains
Old maroon curtains
Pretty, new orange curtains!
Pretty, new orange curtains!

Another big pain point was the rug. I had a dark, drab navy and maroon area rug, and it took me forever to decide what to do. 

I looked at solid orange ones and print orange ones til my eyes crossed! I finally stumbled upon my solution at Ross. I found a solid dark brown shag area rug for $39! Yippee! It complemented the orange perfectly. 

I finished out the look with accessories.

Before, with maroon throw and white pillows
Before, with maroon throw and white pillows
After, with orange print pillow
After, with orange print pillow
Some orange print pillows from Home Goods for $20 and an orange vase and candle.

I even got creative and bought some orange paint and recycled an old picture frame by painting it orange when I couldn’t find one. (the pic shows the new frame color as well as a shot of me and my friends in Greece. Ah, what a great trip. But I digress)

Before: Maroon frame.
Before: Maroon frame.
After: orange frame.
After: orange frame.

Overall, I spent about $100 on my living room, and it looks completely updated! 

I highly recommend picking a bright color and going for it! You won’t believe how much it lifts the mood.

Life is too short for bland decor!


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